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Attractions in Bremerhaven

Museums in Bremerhaven

Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° Ost
Start your tour of Bremerhaven, right on the 8° of longitude, at this unique learning experience center and discover the different climatic zones around the earth. (http://www.klimahaus-bremerhaven.de/)
German Emigration Center®
Europe’s largest theme museum on the migrant experience. Full of exciting facts and a chance to research your own ancestors—history up close and personal. Start the hunt for your ancestors in the museum’s database and learn more about the millions who emigrated to America through the port at Bremerhaven. (http://www.dah-bremerhaven.de/)
Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum
This museum dedicated to Germany’s maritime history uses the latest technology to offer an unforgettable, imaginary journey across the seas on ocean liners, historic tall ships, and steam ships, as well the imposing relics left behind by conquerors of foreign lands. (http://www.dsm.museum/)
Historisches Museum Bremerhaven (Morgenstern Museum)
This extraordinary, award-winning museum presents the history of life on Germany’s north coast in a fun and exciting way. Parts of a historic shipyard, scenes from the ports, a dockside bar, a fish shop and operating steam and refrigeration equipment from the fishing docks are just a few examples of the many aspects of day-to-day life on the sea highlighted by the museum. (http://www.historisches-museum-bremerhaven.de/)
Kunstmuseum Bremerhaven
The Kunstverein Bremerhaven shows selected artworks from its more than a century of collecting in its 700 m2 display space. (Kunstverein Bremerhaven)
Kunsthalle Bremerhaven
The Kunsthalle Bremerhaven is where the Kunstverein Bremerhaven puts on temporary exhibitions. On the ground floor, contemporary art from the museum’s own collection is displayed as are traveling exhibits of the international avant-garde. (Kunstverein Bremerhaven)
Atlanticum with Saltwater Aquarium
A wonderful underwater world: The Atlanticum in the Schaufenster Fischereihafen harborfront shopping center uses modern technology to offer exciting information about the North Atlantic, the fish and work in Bremerhaven’s fishing port. Then you can dive into underwater world during a tour of the saltwater aquarium (150,000 liters/40,000 gallons) filled with cold water fish swimming in and out a sunken ship. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Museum der 50er Jahre
See how the 1950s treated the Germans as they recovered from the devastation of World War II. Immerse yourself in this museum of the 1950s – the era of Elvis Presley, petticoats and kidney-shaped tables. (http://www.museum-der-50er-jahre.de/)

All Aboard: Museum Ships in Bremerhaven

Historic harbor with open-air museum
Right in the center of Bremerhaven is its historic harbor and many museum ships ready to explore. The open-air museum in Bremerhaven is a one-of-a-kind experience with ten ships in the harbor proper, four ships on land and many other original artifacts from the maritime history of Germany. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Bark 'Seute Deern'
The largest surviving wooden cargo sailing ship in the world is located in the museum harbor near Bremerhaven’s downtown pedestrian zone. The Bark is not only a very popular restaurant, but also serves as a branch office for the Bremerhaven Registry Office— which means you can get married on board here. (http://www.seutedeern.de/)
U-Boat 'Wilhelm Bauer'
This museum is dedicated to the world’s only surviving Type XXI U-Boat, located directly opposite the entrance to Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum in the old port. (http://www.u-boot-wilhelm-bauer.de/)
Museumsschiff FMS 'Gera'
The last German side trawler is a branch of the Bremerhaven Historical Museum and is anchored at the Schaufenster Fischereihafen shopping center. (http://www.museumsschiff-gera.de/)
Barkasse 'Quarantäne'
The “Quarantäne” is a testimony to the eventful history of Bremerhaven’s ports and was the former service boat of the Bremerhaven port physician. Like all the other active museum ships run by Schiffahrts-Compagnie Bremerhaven, the “Quarantäne” can be chartered for cruises. (http://www.schiffahrts-compagnie.de/)
The 'Wal' Steam Icebreaker
With the hissing of the steam engine, the faint rumble of the valves and shafts, the steam icebreaker “Wal” run by Schiffahrts-Compagnie Bremerhaven keeps the special atmosphere of a steamboat ride alive. Modern ships simply cannot offer experiences comparable to what you’ll experience on the “Wal.” (http://www.schiffahrts-compagnie.de/)

Experience Nature in Bremerhaven

Zoo am Meer
Encounters of a special kind: on ground and under water. An experience for young and old alike. Come face to face with polar bears, seals, penguins, etc. on land against the seaside backdrop or through large underwater windows. (http://www.zoo-am-meer-bremerhaven.de/)
Weser Dike
Stroll along Bremerhaven’s Weser Dike, where the Weser and the North Sea are almost one between the ports and the Geest and enjoy unique views as you walk along the embankment. Watch the ships moving in and out of port and enjoy the fresh sea air and gentle breeze. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Deciduous forests, ponds, streams, and a variety of recreational opportunities get you up close to nature in Bremerhaven’s Bürgerpark. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Park Speckenbüttel
The city of Bremerhaven has turned Speckenbütteler Park into a site dedicated to health and wellness. Highlights include the Willow Palace is a living, green palace made from willow branches, the “Avenue of Healing Trees,” a running track, a fitness trail, a high ropes course and a children’s play area. Whether you come to relax or work out, you’ll find the right activity here. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Speckenbüttel Park Open-Air Museum
The open-air museum in Speckenbütteler Park sheds life on life in the northern countryside in decades past. A highlight is a typical Geest farm. A Geest is a slightly elevated sandy embankment which, unlike the neighboring marshes, is not usually subject to flooding, but its dry, sandy soil makes it difficult to farm. The farm complex includes a 1625 smokehouse, a farmhouse, a sheepfold, a croft and an outside kitchen. The marsh house is a copy of the original seventeenth-century house farming equipment from the marshes. The museum also includes a reconstructed old windmill. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Thieles Garten
Thieles Garten is a fantastic idyllic park with ancient trees, exotic plants and sculptures, botanical guides, image gallery and cultural program. (http://www.thieles-garten.de/)

A Tour of Discovery in Bremerhaven

Havenwelten Bremerhaven
Bremerhaven is growing by the sea. The architecture is bold, the subjects groundbreaking. (http://www.havenwelten.de/)
Schaufenster Fischereihafen
The new shopping center in the historical part of the Bremerhaven fishing harbor hosts restaurants, cafés, bistros, pubs, maritime shops, the Forum Fischbahnhof with Atlanticum, a seafood cooking studio and much more. (http://www.schaufenster-fischereihafen.de/)
A double-decker bus through the seaports, past the container and auto terminals and on to Lloyd Shipyards. And you’ll also enjoy the tour of Bremerhaven’s seashore. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Historic Train Bremerhaven - Bad Bederkesa
Experience a train journey from the 1950s across the peaceful coastal countryside. Everything’s authentic, from the uniforms of the staff to the Bederkesa train station. This historic trains runs between the Elbe and Weser rivers between Bremerhaven and the Bad Bederkesa resort in the moors. (http://www.museumsbahn-bremerhaven-bederkesa.de/)

To the Horizon: Enjoying the View in Bremerhaven

SAIL CITY Viewing Platform
Up, up, up… Amazing panoramic views can be had from the tallest building in the city. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Radar Tower with Viewing Platform
The radio tower in the heart of the city offers visitors a magnificent view over the seaside town. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
The View from the Paulus-Kirche Gallery
From the tower gallery of the Paulus Church, you will get a completely new perspective on Bremerhaven and Lehe. The auto transports and container ships in the harbor seem close enough to touch, and, viewed from on high, you can actually get a bird’s-eye view of the leafy courtyards of the old houses nearby. During the tour, you will also learn lots about the history of the church and the Lehe district. (Bremerhaven Touristik)

Maritime Atmosphere in Bremerhaven

New Harbor Locks
After 27 months of construction, the new harbor opened its highly sophisticated and one-of-a-kind chamber locks, sector gates and swing bridges in 2005. This will especially make it easier recreational captains to sail from the new harbor to the Weser or the harbor. The new lock to the new harbor is also a sight to behold, even for non-boaters. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Fishing Port Double Lock
The new double lock installed in the fishing port in 2001 eliminated a real bottleneck. The imposing structure today secures the access to an approximately 600-acre maritime port, commercial and industrial area with several hundred companies and thousands of jobs. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Container Viewing Tower
A View of an Active Harbor. Gain an overview of the container, car and cruise terminals, the north lock and the shipyard life in the sea ports. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Directly in the city center, on the Weser, the semaphore from the Hoher Weg lighthouse has been rebuilt and put into operation on the northern breakwater of the entrance to the New Harbor. The nearly 20-meter-high mast indicates the wind speed and direction from Borkum and Helgoland as well as a superb photo opportunity. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
The unmistakable beacon “Kaiserschleuse Ostfeuer” is simply known by locals as the “Pingelturm”, because its nineteenth-century fog horn makes a truly unique sound. (Bremerhaven Touristik)
Simon Loschen Lighthouse
The Simon Loschen Lighthouse standing right on the lock to the New Harbor is one of the landmarks of Bremerhaven. The oldest mainland lighthouse on the North Sea coast is still in operation today and certainly one of the most beautiful lighthouses in general. The lighthouse is another branch office of the Bremerhaven Registry Office and offers yet another great spot for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. (Bremerhaven Touristik)

Through the Eyes of a Child: Playful in Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven Model
Marvel, Experience, Participate: A former shipyard foundry houses a new attraction, a model of Bremerhaven. Since 2006, many voluntary model builders have been working on this amazing achievement. A Bremerhaven in miniature, moving trucks and ships, some of which guests can even steer, as well as a slot car track here guarantee fun and excitement for the whole family. (http://www.modellstadt-bremerhaven.de/)
Touching Allowed! In a former spice hall, exhibits about phenomena in nature and technology are perfect for children and parents, for grandchildren and grandparents. (http://www.phaenomenta-bremerhaven.de/)

From the World Heritage Site Wattenmeer to the North Sea Beach

Make Bremerhaven your starting point for further excursions: Breathtaking natural landscapes are located just outside the port city, from the beach in Cuxhaven on the North Sea to Bad Bederkesa in the moors to the Wattenmeer National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site. You can get more information from the Bremerhaven Tourist Board.

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